Digifest 2012 – An Awesome Experience

October 24, 2012


I don’t blog very often, but this past weekend I volunteered for Digifest 2012. This was the second iteration for Toronto (not sure if other cities are actually doing it). Anyways, it was a lot of fun – my job was to assist in the tear-down of the event, live tweeting/Storify, and assist attendees. If you missed a certain part, or wanted to remember a specific talk/person, go to the Storify link, http://storify.com/DigifestTO.

Here are my favourite moments of Digifest (in the order of the three days):

1. Setting up the 1000 paper cranes of harmony.

2. Sound Shapes Level Editor

3. Super Time Force Gameplay Video

4. Meet the Media Guru : AiEP (video)

5. Seeing “ERT” for the first time.

6. It’s a Start Competition (Rooting for Beyond Badr, and Qualia).

7. Meet the Media Guru: Gratti (Copenhagen Wheel, Senseable City, Live Singapore)

Look forward to the next Toronto Digifest! A huge thanks to all other volunteers, organizers, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors! 😀




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