With the public release of Google Plus, I find it kind of odd that I’ve been feeling a bit distant from the social networks I interact with everyday. As the ‘Dos Equis’ guy would say, I don’t usually blog about my personal thoughts, but when I do, it’s weird.  Lately I’ve been thinking about first experiences, and memories; both of which are pretty broad.

In particular, it all relates to a situation that happened at work last week. A co-worker and I were talking about something (I can’t remember), and this song comes on (I can’t remember the song either) that I’ve never heard before.  I tell my co-worker this, then she proceeded by telling me the story of what this song reminded her of; it was her son’s friend’s funeral. This was the song they played during a slideshow of the departed friend. Since the CD is on loop where I work, I kept hearing that song every few hours, and every single time I heard it, I thought of that story, which I had no connection with.

Memories are precious, and first experiences generate these memories (but not all). Why do you think you always remember the first time you did something? The first time you learned how to ride a bike, beat an impossible video game, kissed someone other than your mom, and watched a movie that changed your life. They stick with you, throughout the entire spam of your existence; influencing decisions, making connections. These memories can also be overlapped, but they need to be much more powerful than its predecessor. Keep in mind, they can never be replaced, because you’ll always have that first memory in your mind; at least you’ll have a better understanding of how it feels to you, depending on what the memory is about.

If that was the first time you’ve seen this clip from the movie Billy Madison, then I’ve ruined it with my article (see what I did there), or it would have relived the part of your life where you did witness that movie for the first time. For me, it reminds me of the good times I had as a kid, watching Adam Sandler movies with one of my best buds.

I’d have to admit though, it’s going to be beautiful (and sad) to see the memories I’ve created for myself in the next 20 – 30 years; like an upcoming showcase in my private gallery.