Royalties with Cheese.

June 9, 2011

Thanks to fellow Toronto game developer, Andrew Carvalho , I was provided with a link to some very informal articles about game companies making royalties off their games, at least what they thought they’d make. It turns out publishers are making the real cheddar here in the bizz, and with high hopes of someday starting my own game company, it’s good to know the facts sooner rather than later. I can respect why companies, such as EA do a lot of publishing to make a profit. Here are the articles below if you interested, let me know you guys think.

Of course there is alternatives to gaining funds for a game project; luckily in Ontario, it’s quite easy to gain funds (I’ve heard from multiple developers in Toronto). Not too sure about debt payback regulations, but they are available. Smaller teams don’t necessarily need a publisher too.


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