“If there’s one thing this world needs, it’s more lawyers.”

June 3, 2011

Could you imagine a world without lawyers?

Actually, could you imagine a world without social networks, or online hubs in general? Third world countries would be in shock; girls feeling lonely because they can’t upload hundreds of pictures to their Facebooks, with nothing more than a duckface. Tweeters would be sending mass text messages to their entire phonebook, or re-texting someone’s message over & over, etc….wait isn’t that BBM? Taking “The Big 4” out of the question (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo), do we really need a social network for every company/brand/product or service? I find it becoming cluttered, and at times, a bit troubling to manage.

Really, a social network for clubbing.

Don’t we want our phones to be one complete device, including internet, music, and a camera? Why can’t it be the same with social networks? The reason I’m worked up is because Activision announced that it’s developing Call of Duty Elite, an online version of Call of Duty to connect personal computers, smartphones, and consoles. Letting you track statistics, play in tournaments, join groups, and compete against friends. I might like to mention that part of this service will be subscription-based, like World of Warcraft and most MMO’s. Apparently, this membership will include exclusive entertainment and game content. Activision hasn’t stated a price yet, but really, any amount for a service like this is bullocks (that’s right, I said bullocks). Are they trying to connect all the loudmouth /ignorant / racist players on the consoles, and bring them closer together (viewer discretion is advised, it’s a youtube video) ? We’ll see what happens at E3, I guess.

Anyways, we don’t need more networks. We need one universal system that allows us to simplify our daily lives, yet customize it the way we want to (at least give the person creating the network the power to customize it themselves).  Video games are really starting to abuse social networks lately, and they shouldn’t. Just keep it within the game, and use what networks are available to target your audience.


2 Responses to ““If there’s one thing this world needs, it’s more lawyers.””

  1. Archer Riddle said

    on a note of mmo’s and networking. ArenaNet is developing web based apps for guild wars 2 which allow you to do more than just to your auctioning(which wow does) they will allow you to see the map in game with your friends on it. to be able to talk with your guild, ping the map and draw on it for your friends to see, among other things. much more is unknown as it is still in development but still. that sort of integration is what is needed in other games. and networks. (also to make sure it works and is useful, would be a bonus)

    • I can see how it’s helping the players, like providing multiple services in one application. Instead of making users use multiple outside programs like Ventrillo,etc, players can just use the one official web app.Since it’s in development though, we can’t really say much like Call of Duty Elite. I don’t think it’s technically needed, but it’s useful for most players probably. I’m assuming your excited for Guild Wars 2?

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