TOjam – I’m ready? I’m ready!

May 12, 2011

Seeing Damian Sommer’s super-cool post about TOjam inspired to write my own pre-jam ‘list of things I need’.  This will be a healthy reminder to not forget anything when I wake up Friday morning!

1. Laptop – Even though I’m using a George Brown computer, I really need my laptop to look up reference material, access certain files and switch between programs. I probably won’t be using it all that much, except for TOIG recordings.

2. HeadRush headphones – To isolate myself,  pump out some inspirational music. I’m hoping our game has powerful music to go along with the look.

3. Pillow/Blanket – I won’t be sleeping much, but I want to be comfortable; having a pillow next to me will help with that.

4. Animators Survival Kit – If I need to review something that’s crucial to my animation.

5. Maya/Unity/Dropbox – Programs of choice.

Am I forgetting anything? I’ll probably loose my sanity while I’m there.


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