7 Reasons to get Twitter, and 3 Tips on how to use it.

March 17, 2011

(The Fail Whale)

7 Reasons to get Twitter

1. It’s the most well known social network that neither too personal, nor too professional. Linkin can feel really dry and useless, while Facebook is for everyone and their mothers.

2.It’s a good way to get involved with your community, and remove the awkward “Hello’s”.

3. Hobbyists, Entertainers, Businesses, and Celebs mostly have twitter. They even indicate if their legit or not, with a special blue check beside their name!

4. You can follow /un-follow anyone you like on twitter, giving you complete control over your news feed. Unlike Facebook, I feel delegated to keep my friends on Facebook, even though I haven’t talked to them in over 3 years.

5.It’s a really good way to find like-minded people that share similar tastes, especially in the entertainment industry.

6. It gives you more artistic freedom in terms of creating a unique username, and letting you change the design of your background.

(You can even import your own designs)

7. Not anyone can follow you on Twitter and stalk your tweets. Due to a common misconception, you can always change the security settings on your account so random people won’t follow you.

3 Tips on how to use Twitter

1.  Don’t just tweet about your day-to-day life like it’s a to-do list. People find that boring, and if you decide to tweet something like that, put a small twist in it, like a funny story or something ironic that happened. It’s okay to do this sometimes, but don’t intentionality lie, nobody likes liars.

(My old twitter account, and this is me not doing it right)

2. Tweet people you’re following. They won’t know who you are until you actually take part in an conversation over something they tweeted. If nothing seems to be of interest, why are you following them? Just talk to people and make friends! 🙂

3. Be interesting, be yourself! As lame as that sounds, it’s true. Don’t just re-tweet other tweets, or give neutral opinions on everything.  Once you get out of that phase where your uncomfortable about posting on twitter, you’ll be surprised to gain more followers.

Here’s another article about Twitter etiquette which might be usefull in the future: http://flimgeeks.com/blog/being-a-good-follower-on-twitter/

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