Maya Support

February 16, 2011

I have class at 8:00am this morning (and it’s 1:00am right now) so I’ll make this short and sweet! I found some excellent sources on Autodesk’s 3D Software “Maya” with various e-books, and a lighting course syllabus that goes through UV texturing, Materials, and overall the theory of light in digital space . I believe you can read all the books for free online, so if you want to start learning Maya, or you just want to get a better understanding on how this works, please check these out! 🙂

P.S The link I have for the Maya book is a few years old, but under related books you may be able to find a more recent print.


Indie Inspirations

February 13, 2011

Just a few minutes ago I was helping a fellow aspiring game developer fix her blog. She was working on making a page just for her inspirations in relation to her work, which I found really neat and special. It made me want to blog a bit about a few of my inspirations! Here are a few indie games that inspire me to follow my own ideas. 🙂

The first indie game(s) I would like to mention is “Knytt” and “Knytt Stories“. Both are 2-D side scrollers that have an emphasis on exploration and powerups/abilities. I love the atmospheric music that accommodates each game, and the environment feels really deep, even though its a very simple world. Developed by “Nifflas’ Games“, and you should definitely check them out!

The next game that I find really special is “Nidhogg“. Though I haven’t played much of it, I still love the way it’s presented and how it connects with the player. I believe it’s only a competitive game, and the point of it is to beat the other player by stabbing them with your sword and getting to the other side. I’ll let the images, and video’s do the talking for this game.

Next I would like to give special thanks to the “Captain Forever” Series, since they’ve taken up a lot of my free time. In the game(s), you’re a ship that needs to be built to destroy other ships. You do this by collecting parts of the ships you’ve destroyed. It gets quite fun and addiciting when you find a huge motha !@#$ing ship just ruin all your hard work!

I also really love some very popular indie titles like “Braid“, “Everyday Shooter“, and “Cephalopods CoOp Cottage“. They’re all deserving of some more recognition, but a lot of people already know what these are!

Please check these out!

Game Characters: Female

February 5, 2011

A few days ago, I made the mistake of asking people on twitter what their opinion was of girl gamers. Mostly because I witnessed an onslaught of upset gamers who were strongly for the equality of gamers. This is a good thing because it means change in our community, but this would only be progress if it meant a switch from slutty/dependent female characters to strong willed/respectable ones. Whether they’re dressed in a sexual way, or they’re simply just a princess trapped in a castle, I would identify these as wimpettes. Now, this doesn’t represent every female in every game, but it does mean a good portion of it. Here are some examples of wimpettes:

(Above: Wet Girl, Ivy, Peach, Tomb Raider, Dead or Alive Girls)

I could probably find plenty of other characters that fit the description above, but you get the idea. What I find interesting is the demographics of both console and computers games from 2010. Last year, the “Entertainment Software Association“released the “2010 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry“. Inside, they state that “Females take up %40 of Game Players”, and that “Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (33%) than boys age 17 or younger (20%)”.

This leads me to wonder why female characters aren’t developing enough. I don’t know what the gender ratio in game studios are, but it should be increasing like their consumers. If they want to please a greater market, then they should consider what female gamers enjoy. Just like other forms of entertainment, woman enjoy action movies, heavy metal music, or american football. Deciding on what they like based on certain norms in society just make them ignorant. They can mean more to the player, and not just as an object to look at. Even when female gamers go online, they are even harassed by mostly male gamers. Male characters can go the same way by showing off extreme manliness. This isn’t just a one gender battle.

The deeper question is how far characters in general can go with video games?*

Let me know what you think in the comment section below, give me some examples of female characters that show great depth!