Procrastination Tips

January 8, 2011

Going to a post-secondary school can be challenging, but surprisingly easy at the same time. As a student I notice the biggest problem with my classmates is their ability to stay focused and not procrastinate (I’m in the exact same situation, just for clarification) . They have the skills, but when they arrive at the final exam, success and failure becomes a thin line with a fifty-fifty chance of survival. The last week is a struggle between one self, causing huge moments of stress and relief. I don’t think it’s assignments, exams, or the lectures that make it difficult though; it’s the student. While ninety-nine per cent of the time I find myself well organized, I still procrastinate like crazy. Here are some useful tips that I do to help my studies go a lot easier than they should:

1. Write down deadlines/important information – Even if you remember the due date the prof. gave for a English essay, writing it down will help give a sense of how much time you have to work on it. If you mark it on a calender or an agenda, you will see it at least a few days prior to the due date.

2. Keeping a book for dates – Usually this is called an agenda, but any sort of book/pad just to keep due dates is very handy. Going above and beyond can be adding details below each date (Word Count, whats requried, etc).

3.Overplan – If you have a bad habit of procrastination, planning when to work on certain projects will help. When I say this, I mean assigning days of the week to specific work. Example: Monday – Essay 1, Paragraph One.

4. Babysteps – Whenever you have a big project that looks intimidating, break it down and assign short, simple tasks so you don’t stress as much. Example: Separate essay’s into paragraph’s.

5. Take a break – Remember to take well deserved breaks whenever you’ve been working for a good amount of time. Ten to fifteen minutes is usually a good amount of time to spend during long work days.

A strong will-power (and help from outside sources) is necessary in order for you to succeed in any form of work. Doing all 5 of these tips won’t save your entire education, but it will certainly help. In retrospect to my program of Game Development, think of this course as an RPG. You know the skills, just like how Link know’s how to swing a sword. The tips provided are you’re special weapons, potions and/or party members, with the ending of the game being that you passed, and maybe with an A+! The final boss, just like Ganon from Zelda, would be procrastination. Certainly you can add finer details to this analogy, but if you’re able to get past procrastination, work will get done and you’ll be a happier person!

I strongly recommend that everyone reads this if you want to know a deeper understanding of the word procrastination. It covers theories like why we do it even if it makes us unhappy, how our own minds are competing against each other, and some cool solutions on how to stop it.

Leave a comment about your own experiences. Maybe you’ll help a fellow person with your advice. Just for record as well, I was procrastinating while writing this article 😛


Just a few hours ago, a friend and I were having a few matches of EA’s NHL 10. For those of you who are unaware, or have repeatably tried to forget the memory that sports games exist, it stands for National Hockey League. Now, I still enjoy sports games every once in a while. My buddy is a big hockey fan, and I enjoy competing for bragging rights!

You’ve might have noticed though that I said NHL 10, not 11. The reason being is that I don’t care too much for sports games. I don’t see the point in buying them every year just because they’ve updated the team rosters, included a few “neat” features, and have improved graphics. With each costing at least $60, it’s been a challenge looking for that bang for my buck!

NHL 11 Preview at the Sony Holiday Event last October.

What confuses me the most is their ability to sell well every year! Do they have a fantastic advertisement team like the characters from Mad Men, or do they just expect it to sell based on the population of the sport itself?

I hardly see any billboards, posters, or even commercials  advertised , even on the internet (The only exception would be video game stores or events). It’s leading me to believe that their is no real advertisement team, and their entire market group is  solely based on fans who purchased the game previously (Obvious, I know). I bet if there is a team that does marketing, they probably just smoke and drink during all day anyways.

However, during the final week of 2010, FIFA 11 lead UK in all-platform sales. Not only are these sports games selling well in their own league, but topping the entire market. It’s moments like these that make me yell, “What the fuck is going on?”, and die a little inside. Just to be fair though on sports games, I’m actually a huge soccer fan and I currently own FIFA 11 myself (It was a gift).

Still, this shouldn’t be happening. Sports games should be patched, instead of re-released. They should be more creative with their titles. Sadly, it means one of two options instead: 1. Non-gamers are suddenly becoming “gamers”, or 2. Existing gamers are starting to like sports. Whatever the outcome is, they both lead to an increase in casual gaming, and less risk taking.

More money for people upstairs I suppose, I’ll see you next fall sports!



January 4, 2011

Welcome to my website!

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