I don’t blog very often, but this past weekend I volunteered for Digifest 2012. This was the second iteration for Toronto (not sure if other cities are actually doing it). Anyways, it was a lot of fun – my job was to assist in the tear-down of the event, live tweeting/Storify, and assist attendees. If you missed a certain part, or wanted to remember a specific talk/person, go to the Storify link,

Here are my favourite moments of Digifest (in the order of the three days):

1. Setting up the 1000 paper cranes of harmony.

2. Sound Shapes Level Editor

3. Super Time Force Gameplay Video

4. Meet the Media Guru : AiEP (video)

5. Seeing “ERT” for the first time.

6. It’s a Start Competition (Rooting for Beyond Badr, and Qualia).

7. Meet the Media Guru: Gratti (Copenhagen Wheel, Senseable City, Live Singapore)

Look forward to the next Toronto Digifest! A huge thanks to all other volunteers, organizers, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors! 😀




Big fan of movies? Do you find some scenes mesmerizing? Yesterday I found IWDRM, a gallery of living movie stills. There’s nothing much to say except enjoy.

This weekend, I’ll be taking part in the Toronto Game Jam, or “TO Jam” for short ( not toe jam). It’s a game making jam held every year in Toronto ( like I just stated above) that brings together a lot of game developers from around the city to make games in a 72 hour time limit. It’s the 7th consecutive year it’s been hosted, and the 2nd time that George Brown College is holding the event. The theme this year is “The World Is NOT Ending“! I’ve been lucky enough to help work as a core-team organizer with the founders, Rob, Jim and Em.

Jim (Middle) isn’t always that serious.

I’m really excited to be taking part in my third TOJam experience, and if you’re attending the event, I hope to play your game! 😀

I’ve never tried Dead Island, a next-gen zombie survival game released in 2011 by Deep Silver and Techland. However their most popular trailer was pretty interesting. Thanks to Reddit, I randomly found a clip from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring that takes that same trailer concept, and applies it to one of the best scenes from the trilogy (arguably). Here are both trailers:


Amazing Soccer Goal

May 3, 2012